Monday, February 15, 2010

Chloé Spring/Summer 2010 Ready-To-Wear

I've always liked Chloé, but I admit it's been a while since the French label last came up with something that got me really excited. So I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out the  Chloé Spring/Summer 2010 Ready-To-Wear collection.

Firstly, flat sandals feature generously in this Chloé collection. I cannot overstate how much I love flat sandals. I want to wear them with everything--dresses, trousers, shorts. Chloé combines flat sandals with crisp shirts and even suits! Part of the reason these leather sandals work so well here is that the clothes are well-cut and never overly casual or sloppy, although they do retain a relaxed air.

Speaking of suits, that brings me to the next thing I love about this collection--chic work-appropriate attire that's devil-may-care casual but still formal enough to wear to the office (for those girls whose jobs don't permit them to waltz in wearing sundresses). Just bring along a pair of aforesaid flat sandals and you're good once you step out after work.


As you can see, the sandals work for outfits that fall on the chic side of casual. The neutral tones make them appropriate for work, too (well, at certain offices anyway).


Taking the level of formality up a notch doesn't make these sandals look out of place in these pictures. I absolutely love the unisex cut of the white shirt.


If you have to wear a suit at work, these suits will ensure you don't get lost in a sea of black standard issue business get-ups. Throw on a pair of oxfords, loafers or flat pumps and keep the sandals for after work.


Again, I love the androgynous touch the unisex shirt brings. Something about the way the body and sleeves fall down straight. The dress in the second picture was so pretty I felt compelled to include it. Best of all, its loose silhouette makes it look extremely comfy (some of you mori girls may like it too)!

Hope these clothes inspire you to put in a little more effort at work!

Image source: Chloé

Monday, December 7, 2009

What to wear to a Christmas party

So, with constant reminders from just about every business in town that Christmas is on its way, I'm sure many girls have been thinking about what to wear to this year's Christmas parties. Christmas party attire is particularly festive and a tad fussier than normal party attire, but not too wild or sexy--on the conservative side, if you will. So, I looked to my hands-down favourite place to browse for dresses online, Modcloth, for inspiration. Here are my top 5 picks:

This dress, aptly named Belle Epoque, doesn't so much scream as quietly glow Parisian chic.


This dress manages to be both simple and luxurious at the same time.

Adorable, flirty, yet shy and low-key enough to be worn to more casual events like a Christmas lunch or potluck dinner.


The grey built-in tank top prevents this dress from looking too fussy.


This dress is so festive! I would wear this to a classy yet hearty Christmas dinner at a friend's home.

I've just about fallen in love with Modcloth and everything on their site. I'll do a review when I order my first dress from them.

Image source: Modcloth

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Boy by Band of Outsiders Spring 2010 Ready-To-Wear

I love menswear inspired outfits. There's just something utterly adorable about a girl with a feminine face in oxfords, blazers and unisex collared shirts. The spring RTW collection of Boy by Band of Outsiders is full of clothes a naughty boy would wear to church, and I think it looks even better on girls than boys!

The double-breasted coat looks great dressed down with shorts and sandals. The playsuit makes me feel like climbing trees!

The print on the dress looks even better on the shorts in the second picture. I love the styling in the second picture--the double breasted coat is so playful paired with the shorts and sandals.

Blazers paired with shorts seem to be very popular this spring.

I just love these looks. The rolled up pants, messy hair, beanies and casual shoes transform these outfits from business-like to hip and youthful. I'd like to see a girl in these looks!

Image source: Style

Friday, November 6, 2009

Luella Spring/Summer 2010 Ready-To-Wear

I've had a soft spot for Luella ever since those bat-print shirts a few seasons back. This spring, Luella returns with a more ladylike collection that screams 'sweetheart'.

What adorable dresses! They manage to look sweet without being too demure.

Many of the skirts in the collection are bell-shaped, as is the second dress. Making the skirts bell-shaped rather than A-line gives the dresses the spunk Luella is known for.

I'm in love with the heart cut-out!

Image source: Style

French sailor shirts

Boatneck French sailor shirts are a classic item that will never go out of style, and lately they seem to have received an extra boost in popularity. The beautiful Audrey Tatou sports one in Coco Avant Chanel, and I myself (not that I am anywhere near Audrey or Chanel!) have owned a cotton one from H&M for more than a year that I've since worn to death.

Lately lots of girls have been seen pairing them with jeans or trousers. However, one of my favourite incarnations of the French sailor shirt came from the poster of a Korean movie, The Naked Kitchen.

Then there's the bold, sequined, angular version from Balmain.


While not strictly a sailor shirt,  this outfit on Jean Seberg is just as chic.

My personal favourite is this one from Petit Bateau. The band of white above the stripes, the buttons at the collar and the slightly shorter sleeves make it so much more than just another striped shirt.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Obsessed with Comme des Garçons Play tshirts

What do you think of Comme des Garçons' label Play? While I've seen the heart tshirts on so many people that they're starting to become a cliché, I can't help but want one too!

I know many people would tell me I got suckered into buying an overpriced tshirt, but I still find them too cute to resist!

Does anyone else feel the same?

Image source: Dover Street Market

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mercibeaucoup Fall/Winter 2009

Mercibeaucoup is a Japanese brand by designer Eri Utsugi. It is under the same parent company as the more well known Tsumori Chisato, which I love as well. Style-wise, Mercibeaucoup is boyish and a little grungey, reminiscent of early Marc Jacobs.

While copying full ensembles from Mercibeaucoup's fashion shows is too much for most people, I think we can learn a lot from their styling. I love the way they mix and match prints and colours, and throw in interesting accessories.

The first outfit features masterful styling. The mixture of plaid is very Marc Jacobs, while the polka dotted belt makes it even cuter. The printed top in the second outfit goes perfectly with the polka-dotted scarf.

I've always loved plaid and polka dots, and these examples feature them in unexpected ways.

I'm loving these scarves worn in this way--wound all around the neck. Wearing scarves in this manner helps baggy, layered outfits look more put together. And the loose tshirt on the right reflects the increasing trendiness of Russian dolls and other Russian-inspired imagery.

Image source: A-net