Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mercibeaucoup Fall/Winter 2009

Mercibeaucoup is a Japanese brand by designer Eri Utsugi. It is under the same parent company as the more well known Tsumori Chisato, which I love as well. Style-wise, Mercibeaucoup is boyish and a little grungey, reminiscent of early Marc Jacobs.

While copying full ensembles from Mercibeaucoup's fashion shows is too much for most people, I think we can learn a lot from their styling. I love the way they mix and match prints and colours, and throw in interesting accessories.

The first outfit features masterful styling. The mixture of plaid is very Marc Jacobs, while the polka dotted belt makes it even cuter. The printed top in the second outfit goes perfectly with the polka-dotted scarf.

I've always loved plaid and polka dots, and these examples feature them in unexpected ways.

I'm loving these scarves worn in this way--wound all around the neck. Wearing scarves in this manner helps baggy, layered outfits look more put together. And the loose tshirt on the right reflects the increasing trendiness of Russian dolls and other Russian-inspired imagery.

Image source: A-net


  1. Wow! I love these outfits! I already appreciate Tsumori Chisato, but I didn't know this brand. Thank you for making us discover it!

  2. I recently discovered Mercibeaucoup myself. Thanks for reading! I'll look out for more fun brands to introduce!

  3. And I think the round red spots on the cheeks fit pretty well to mori fashion ;D

  4. Good observation! It's really cute!